Installing Libpcap or Npcap

Installing required third party software.

On Windows

  1. Download Npcap installer from

  2. Install Npcap in "Winpcap Compatible Mode"

Other installation methods:

$urlPath = ""
$checksum = "83667e1306fdcf7f9967c10277b36b87e50ee8812e1ee2bb9443bdd065dc04a1"

# Download the file
echo "Downloading... ($urlPath)"
wget $urlPath -UseBasicParsing -OutFile $PSScriptRoot"\npcap.exe"

# Now let's check its checksum
$_chksum = $(CertUtil -hashfile $PSScriptRoot"\npcap.exe" SHA256)[1] -replace " ",""
if ($_chksum -ne $checksum){
    echo "Hashes NOT match."
} else {
    echo "Hashes match."
    echo "Installing Npcap..."
# Run installer
Start-Process $PSScriptRoot"\npcap.exe" -ArgumentList "/S /npf_startup=yes /loopback_support=yes /dlt_null=no /admin_only=no /dot11_support=no /vlan_support=no /winpcap_mode=yes" -wait
echo "Npcap has been installed."

On Linux

sudo apt install libpcap0.8

On Mac OS X

Libpcap should be installed on Mac OS X by default.

Using latest version of libpcap:

  1. Download libpcap source code from

  2. tar -xzvf libpcap*.tar.gz

  3. cd libpcap

  4. ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

  5. make

  6. sudo make install

  7. Run your application with custom native library path jna.library.path=/usr/local/lib

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